Tips on Polishing Your English Accent


We are currently living in a digital world, and the internet has made it possible for many companies to outsource essential skill from different parts of the world. Various call centers have been set up in places like Indonesia and India. The establishment is with the sole purpose of servicing the US market. The internet has boosted the unemployed sectors by creating job opportunities like virtual assistant and web designing just to name a few to countries like Kenya, India, Indonesia and Pakistan.


With all these jobs available, there is still a huge problem. Most of these countries are not proficient in English. They are greatly affected by their various mother tongues making English a second language. US employers employ workers who are fluent in English.  This is because if the worker is not fluent in English, it will lead to miscommunication between the worker and the client which in turn leads to losing of business.


Better English training will result to better earning and more jobs. However, to do so, there are key things you should consider doing so as to improve your English.


Get a language tape and play it daily while driving, eating or waiting somewhere. This is vital as it will help you get the rhythm of the language. English is no different from other languages and therefore has its rhyme and rhythm. This will help you to generate the American accent and English. You may also watch and gather more details about American accent training at


Another way to improve your tongue is by watching someone who is fluent in English speak. See how they utter words and communicate daily. Be keen on their mouths as they speak and move their lips. Keep on trying the idiomatic expression they use. This will help to relax your tongue and lips and become more comfortable in the language.


It is essential to control about the way you breath when speaking in English. This is because English is more of a slow tempo language. This may be hard especially for people whose native language is a fast tempo. However, what you should do is just relax, and you will start breathing slowly and therefore talking slowly. By doing so, people will start to understand you and communicate more efficiently.


Start reading newspapers, novels or any other books that may interest you. Make it a habit by reading at least 30mins each day. Record yourself while reading. After you are through reading, go back to the tape and listen to how you pronounced each word. This will help you make the correction on your pronunciation.


 Make fun in learning to speak English. By doing so, it will not be a chore that you must do but a fun activity in your daily life. English is a fun language, and therefore, the learning should be fun as well. Click here for more info about American accent.